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ai 10 interaction of spot colours with greyscale transparent psd

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Can anyone remember what happens.
Using Illustrator10 under OSX I have a patchwork of six spot colours. on top of this I have a psd (this is a greyscale picture where the layer is knocked back using photoshops layer opacity to 15% - in illustrator it is just placed as "normal") on top of this I have more spot colours and lots of text.

As supplied I can get it to work as a 10 colour job with the spot colours being visually darkened by the black from the psd.
eg 85%PMS396 + 15%k looks darker than 95%PMS396 + 5%k looks darker than 100%PMS396 +0%k
Now I need to convert all but one of the spot colours to custom cmyk breaks which fortunately is not too tricky because they've used global colors.

I need to do this in Illustrator because the pdf it produces is 560MB and takes about 10mins to view on screen so Pitstop is just too unweildly.

So 2 questions:
Do I have to change something to multiply to make it visually darken Pantone119 or Pantone5425 both of which posssibly need 30% plus black to start with or do I have to build in the greyscale component of these colours using just c m and y?

How safe is it to update Legacy text from ai 10 and use CS or CS2, would I gain any advantages by doing so?
Posted on: April 25, 2007, 05:20:34 PMWell I'm down the road of making the spot pantones out of cmy only so that the black is free to "darken".

I can map Pantone 539 C (navy blue) to black in IDCS2 and then we can print the black plate in 539 ink on press.

In aiCS2 I can color up a transparent greyscale TIFF but not a psd.
In ai10 I can't seem to color up such a TIFF, are there any workarounds?

The customer would like to see a Metal-FX wet proof which for Illy needs the black separation free.

This job ended up reworked in aiCS2, so I had the flexibility to use greyscale tiffs coloured up in illustrator.

The Supplied files were a mix of cmyk and PANTONES 539, 7496, 5425, 396, 7503, & 7492

I think we got really close to the PANTONES on our 5 colour press.
The splits I used.
PANTONE 539   = 100%PANTONE 539
PANTONE 7496 = 70%cyan 22%magenta 100%PANTONE 102
PANTONE 5425 = 65%cyan 35%magenta 30%PANTONE 102
PANTONE 396   = 100%PANTONE 396
PANTONE 7503 = 45%cyan 45%magenta 75%PANTONE 102
PANTONE 7492 = 18%cyan 45%PANTONE 102
cyan               = 100%cyan
magenta         = 100%magenta
yellow             = 100% PANTONE 102
black              = 100% PANTONE 539

The job itself is a really nice World Map and if anyone wants a copy its being given away free in this weekends Independent :)

Sorry to stop the rush to the newsagents this weekend, but, I've been told that the Independent like the map sooooo much that they've decided its too good to go in this weekend, and they will be plugging it a bit over the coming weeks before actually giving it away.

I'll keep you posted.

Nice one Glen. Let us know, I'll pick one up for my daughter's bedroom wall, if I can squeeze it in between Pokemon.

Hi Emma did you get a copy? No-one let me know but it went in a couple of weeks ago now. If you didn't I could send you one (it wouldn't be folded either) send me a pm with a work address.


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