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Photoshop CS3 on MacBook Pro


Wonder if this is a bug, or just a system glitch:
In working on my MacBook Pro, I have noticed that Photoshop CS3 has a tendency to crash when the computer is awoken, or if certain windows are closed. Memory isn't an issue-I have 2GB, and even with small files, this can be the case. This also was an issue with the beta. Anyone else come across this?


I haven't... my beta copy works like a charm!

Can't wait to received the new suite...

I was going to ask a general question about CS3 and all the various options. From looking about the Adobe forums there appears to be plenty of problems with this new release. On the production side here we always hold back on the new stuff. I still have installs of CS2 that I haven't yet gotten round to yet. Hopefully there will be plenty of known issues and some patches by the time I get to this.


--- Quote ---I haven't... my beta copy works like a charm!
--- End quote ---

mine expired yesterday. Oh well back to CS2.

Can't say I'm wowed by any photoshop cs3 features, all the useful new-stuff for me would be in ID and AI.

Now I have same problem, I think I have to use CS3 and GIMP both. Does GIMP work for MAC ?? I have both PC and MAC. :D


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