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CS3 30day trial now available on Adobe website

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Its 1.12GB so get it before the USA gets to work and hogs the bandwidth ;D

... 44 minutes remaining....(InDesign, not Illustrator)

you can speed up the download by making a cup of tea and watching the kettle ;)

Indesign CS3: table styles. And from a quick view: nice interface on the palettes.

Been playing with aiCS3 today. I've put through 3 old files from the packaging side.
Placed DCS get split into little bits (takes ages) when going to PDF but no sign of white lines, yippee.
Placed montone EPS (and cmyk EPS) no longer get split when going to pdf.
You can add colour to a greyscale .psd along with assigning transparency.
I'm sure I'll find it has broken some things later but at the moment I'm  ;D


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