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Hi all,

We use PDF forms for internal 'soft' stationery. Basically these are documents I've set up in Quark, exported to PDF, then added form fields so account handlers etc., can keep the things electronic. However some people, like the PR folk, need to add images - press cuttings or whatever - anyone know if there's a way for a user of one of these forms to pop an image in as well as type text in to the form fields? They're mostly using v7 or older Acrobat Reader, by the way. It's only us in the Studio with full Acrobat Pro.



I'm not certain, but I would think you would need Pro (and possibly photoshop too) to swop a pic.

You could set a dummy pic in place and the PR people could ask you to customise.

In Acrobat Pro you can add a file as an attachment (in the attachment or comment tab/bar).

It is not possible to add and save these in Reader. You'll need (I think) at least the Acrobat Standard version to do so.

Had a feeling that would be the case. No way we'll be buying Acrobat (Pro or Standard) for the PR folks so they'll have to stick with their workaround - put the images in Word, make a PDF from there, then put that and the form together as one larger document.

It's all a bit of a bodge, but it'll work.

We use PDF forms to keep internal 'soft' stationery (stuff that doesn't get printed, or at least not often or in quantity) corporate. When we used to use Word templates people were constantly changing the logo size and position, and changing type face! Can't have that! Also can't have more work coming to an already over worked studio, so bodge workaround it is.

Thanks all!


Greg, I'm not very familiar with Word, maybe there's a possibility to make a template w/a header and footer in Word where the corporate information (and maybe even the typography) is protected from being altered?

Then again, when you have too little time on your hands...

At least spreading the information on why people should not alter corporate-id guidelines might be a good start!


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