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Emma, what is the learning curve like for Xtags? I have been handed a major project 400 page product catalogue wanted by year end. xData and FMP are out of the question I could not learn enough in time to make use of either of these for this. (client has wasted 4-5 months from when I should have started this) I have 3 existing catalogues that I need to combine text and image resources . Im currently trying to work out the quickest/easiest method to stylize this to my new master documents formatting. A very large portion of text is tabbed like this example:

A1058   Table Knife   12   £3.00   £2.40
A1059   Table Fork   12   £1.92   £1.54
A1060   Serving Spoon   12   £1.92   £1.54
A1061   Dessert Knife   12   £2.88   £2.30
A1062   Dessert Fork   12   £1.44   £1.15
A1063   Dessert Spoon   12   £1.44   £1.15
A1064   Soup Spoon   12   £1.44   £1.15
A1065   Fish Knife   12   £2.52   £2.02
A1066   Fish Fork   12   £2.52   £2.02
A1067   Tea Spoon   12   £0.84   £0.67
A1068   Coffee Spoon   12   £1.32   £1.06
A1069   Soda Spoon   12   £3.24   £2.60

All of this has one paragraph style sheet but each tab column is a different character style (the variants are fonts, weights & colours) I hope my attempt at bbcode works here. Will Xtags be able to deal with this? otherwise do you know if script apply this? text wrangling is really not my thing.

Not bad for me just the one bracket missing… now corrected

Do you mean XPress Tags? If you want to use them, you have to get them into the text somehow - either in FMP or in Excel.

XData is EASY to learn, especially for a job like this. In fact it's crying out for XData.

If you can email me a sample of your data and your Quark file (in 6.5, please! and single language if poss) I will try and show you just how easy it is. You'd have to download the XData demo. It would take less than 30 minutes to set up the XData prototype for this, and thousands of lines could be formatted in a couple of minutes.

Thank you for prompt reply & yes I meant "XPress Tags" doh. I will try and find the xData demo now (while bosses are out it's races day here in Chester… rain please!!) proving something is worth its expense is always my problem here. I have a few pages as bare bones just for testing purposes. Will get back shortly.
Posted on: May 10, 2007, 07:01:24 AMI have no direct access to Excel myself and no FMP to format text so XPress Tags looks out. I wasn't sure how much could be achieved with these. I have the demo so I'll now direct any questions to the right forum place. Thanks again.

OK, just to see if I can do this....

If an image appears below, it is an example of the sort of XData prototype you would write - as easy as that. The '£' signs are literal text, and could be omitted if they are in the data already. The prototype can be put into a text box off to the side of your first page. Click in it and go to menu XData->Use story as prototype. Then click in your destination text box and either 'import from file' or, if easier, copy all the data and use 'import from clipboard'.

Hi larsen,

Maybe this will cklear things up for you.

You example does not need to specify any XPress Tags. What you need to do is to apply your already created style sheet to your prototype story.
This will ensure that when XData substitute the fields with actual data, that data will also be styled acoordingly.

The best way to do this is to start with actual of dummy data for one record. Next you lay out this example as you would like it to look when your work is done. That means applying paragraph style sheet, character style sheet, extra needed text (spaces, tabs, soft returns, words, etc.). Once you have achieved the final result, you need to idendtify the parts that comes form the database and replace them with their field name.

for example:

Given the following data:

--- Quote ---FirstLast Position CompanyPhoneMichel     Lemieux     Forum Admin     Publi-Script    1234567890Steve Jobs CEO Apple inc.2345678901Bill Gates CEO Microsoft3456789012...
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Lemieux, Michel
Forum Admin
--- End quote ---

will become (after aslo adding the fields declaration info):

--- Quote ---«fields First, Last, Position, Company, Phone»«Last», «First»
--- End quote ---

One limitation of XData is that it has to apply a constant style to the whole field or variable. In that regard and using Xdata's ability to operate on the given fields. In the previous example, the phone number could use a little help but as luck would have it the data did not come in styled the way we wanted:

--- Quote ---(123) 456-7890
--- End quote ---

 Like I said, Xdata allows you to operate on the data itself before it is laid out on the page. So, in order to displaya better format for our phone number let break that value into smaller pieces:

--- Quote ---«put char 1 to 3 of Phone into AreaCode»«put char 4 to 6 of Phone into Exchange»«put char 7 to 10 of Phone into Number»
--- End quote ---

This assigns specific part of the original phone number to smaller manageable variable, we can now use those variable as if they were fields coming out of our database:

--- Quote ---(«AreaCode») «Exchange»-«Number»
--- End quote ---

We could further enhance the display by bolding both the exchange and the number bits (juts for show):

--- Quote ---(«AreaCode») «put styled "<b>«Exchange»-«Number»<b>»
--- End quote ---

So your final prototype would be:

--- Quote ---«fields First, Last, Position, Company, Phone»«put char 1 to 3 of Phone into AreaCode»«put char 4 to 6 of Phone into Exchange»«put char 7 to 10 of Phone into Number»«Last», «First»
(«AreaCode») «put styled "<b>«Exchange»-«Number»<b>»
--- End quote ---

Giving you this final result:

--- Quote ---Lemieux, Michel
Forum Admin
(123) 456-7890
--- End quote ---


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