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I am trying to make a multi page document and I need the tag for page brake. I seem not to find it anywhere.
This is my actual problem:
I have a document in xtags, it makes some text boxes on a page and is supposed to move to next page for more text boxes. I have not the tag for page brake and xtags puts all the text boxes onto each other. :(
Best regarsd
Thordis Einarsdottir

Hi Thordis and welcome to this forum!

This is a recurent problem for me as well (maybe I should talk to Chris about it).

There are no "next page" tags available in Xtags (or Quark XPress for that matter). However, if you only have 1 automatic text box per page, and have your document set for auto page insertion, using the "next box" tag (<\b>) should solve your problem. there is one caveat though: should your imported text already extend (or often "flirt" with) the available room for any given page you will find a lot of extra pages added to your document.

My homemade remedy for this is to work on a page by page basis. If I know I want a pagebreak at a certain place, I make a point of separating my text file right there. Then it is just a matter of scipting the addition of a new page in Quark and import the next "marked up" text file into it (I even let Xtags set the master page for me)

Hello and thanks for your answer. I am sorry to say that it did not solve my problems.
But I think I am a little closer.
I set up my document in qxp, exported it as xtags and found out something interesting.
This works:
If you have a single textbox it should flow from one page to another using that tag. But...!
I have 13 textboxes on each page. If I use document with one page and expect the pageflow to be automatic, I get that same result as if I did not use that </c:\r> tag.
In other hand, if I already made all the pages and did all the flowing by hand, this works fine.
Problem is, the pages are over 500 so that would take my the day! :(
ps. I am using IndesignCS2
Best regards

I think the tag you're looking for can be solved using either a put styled statement or just your standard numtochar statement.

«put styled "<\#11>"

Let us know if that's what you were looking for.


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