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XCatalog and Filemaker 8 - formatting lost


Something weird has just happened.

I have a database of prices linked to a catalogue. On the main catalogue pages, the prices need a £ (pound) sign in front. In the index at the back they don’t. I have always handled this by having 2 layouts in the database – one where the price box is formatted as currency, the other is plain number with 2 decimal points. I have the appropriate layout showing when I update the prices and all was well.

Recently I updated the database to Filemaker 8.5, and now when I update, the prices come in without the £ sign, whichever layout is showing. Not only without the £ sign, but a price like 2.00 comes in as '2'. I know that '2' is what is actually stored in Filemaker, but XCatalog used to pick up the text that was shown.

Is this Filemaker’s fault, or XCatalog’s, or mine? I know if I’d built the job with ‘hard-wired’ pounds signs I wouldn’t be having this problem now, but it’s 400 pages and it’s been working fine for 2 years!

Thanks for any suggestions....


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