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Hi all !

We have a project to accomplish that contains lots of graphs in it.
I have some questions:

In Illustrator, it is possible to create pie-graphs (and make them visually attractive as I found out:

1. How do I automatically set the percentages outside of the pie? Example: 50/50 splits the pie in half, I also would like to see those values set as text '50%'; '50%', surrounding the pie. Possible?

2. Is there a plugin or application that has more 'advanced' ways of creating graphs (suitable for printed media)?

Excuse me if I am ignorant in this, it's only that I have not created graphs for a long period, any suggestion would be gladly appreciated.

TIA, Erwin

Erik Youngren:
I'm not totally understanding what you mean by #1. If you enter the values in the fields it splits it up automatically. You have to add the labels manually.

I don't know of any plug-ins, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Hi Erwin,

Actually, you can set your labels in the top row of your graph data so in your case your data would look like:
50%|50%-----+-----50.00|50.00Note that you will have to calculate your label percentages yourself.Set your labels to appear inside the wedges.

Once your graphs are done, you can ONLY select the labels and scale them proportionally (Making sure you put the "origin" of the scale tool on the center of your pie chart). This will eventually set the labels outiside of your wedges and exactly in the center of each outside arc. You only need to set the type size of your labels and you are set.

I do not know of  a way to do this automatically nor do I know of a Plug-in that would do the trick. There might be a way to accomplish this with Applescript but I haven't checked yet.

Also: You might want to try the 3D Extrude and Bevel filter, this really makes the graphs pop out.

This helps, thanks !

Have you looked at making the graph object dynamic you may be able to script importing it's data that way. I haven't been able to work this out though.


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