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breaking security on a pdf

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Does anybody know if there is there any way of disabling the security on a pdf so I can edit some images, I don't have the password.

As far as I know you can't.

Pitstop won't let you either.

I guess that's why it's there...but frustrating...I feel you pain.

Erik, posted a tip in this forum "Protected PDF" he has a tip although I have not tried it myself yet.
Else there are a few tools out there that can break the security. Heres a link to what is supposed to be a good on (again I don't have this)

Thanks for the tips, I knew I'd read on the forums somewhere, I'd assumed it was the Adobe one (which you can't search on at the moment) so missed what was under my nose here on this forum.

Anyway Erik's Colorsync tip just gave me a blank pages (v4.5.5).
PDFKey Pro; I demo'd it worked fine for page1 so I guess I need to go back to the customer and get them to pay for the full version.

Erik Youngren:
There's also PDF Recover which I have found works far better. PDFKey tended to crash on me. You can get PDF Recover here:

But, it too is non-functional for more than one page, unless of course you pay for it.

BTW, the tip I had suggested seems to work only in Panther. Chardonnay had issues with this as well but the OS in this case was Tiger.


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