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Illustrator CS2 and transparency


How are the experiences with this?

I made some dropshadows to an underlying colorblend, again there-under lies a fondcolor. When I PDF this (from placed in CS2) and send it to my postscriptprinter I get a rectangular white area, which is notified as misinterpreting the transparency.

PDF 1.3 or 1.4 doesn't make any difference. Also no difference in placing native AI or EPS in Indesign. The flattener from Acrobat 7 also doesn't help.

Before I send this out to the agency to RIP it on their level3, I would love to hear any of your suggestions.

Should I merge all layers in Illustrator?
Is Illustrator CS3 handling transparency better?

Hope you all are doing well! Regards, Erwin

Hi Erwin

I'd keep things transparent in Illustrator so Save As ai (with pdf compatibility) or if you need the bleed Save As PDF (v1.6 or v1.7) with illustrator compatibility.
Then place this (PDF/ai) in InDesign and Export to final PDF, If you flatten your transparency during this Export by selecting v1.3 compatibility in the Export dialogue a level3 RIP should be OK with the resultant PDF.
I've not really come across much that IDCS2 can't flatten correctly.

aiCS3 handles placed DCS which is great for me and understands DeviceN not sure if this is to do with your problem?

I did send out for a test at a L3 RIP, and indeed this handles it okay (layered ai with PDF compatibility).

However, a flatteneded PDF1.3 or EPS isn't handled correctly at my L2 printer. Which is a problem of the specific RIP / Postscript level.
(I remember certain sw-version/RIP's for the HP Indigo to have the same problem with transparency.)

In this case not too much of a problem for me, I'll ask the SB for an imposed proof.

:-) at DeviceN for aiCS3.


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