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Hi there,

Please can someone help me with this query.

I'm writing a script that takes a pdf, in Acrobat 7 Pro, sets a new Crop Box size and then saves each page as an EPS.
The cropping all works fine, it's the saving of the EPS's where I've hit a slight niggle.

If you save the file as an 'Encapsulated PS' file there's a 'settings' dialog that can be accessed.
Under the 'General' tab there's a 'Page Range' option, is there a way of setting this to 'All' ?

Here's the 'save' part of the script:-

--- Code: ---
set dest_path to path to desktop as string
set epsfilename to "myAcrobatFile.eps"

tell application "Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional"
   save document 1 to file (dest_path & epsfilename) using EPS Conversion
   --close active doc
end tell
--- End code ---

If I go down the manual route and set this pref to 'All' that setting is retained because if I run the script I get all pages from a multi-page pdf saved as EPS's.
If I change this to a page range only one eps file is created.
From that I can see that there's a pref being saved in a plist somewhere however before I go down that route is there a simpler solution?

I've tried things like 'save every page of document 1' and 'save all pages of document1', but no luck.
I'd also thought of a loop for each page but that's pretty inefficent given there's an 'All Pages' option somewhere.

Thanks in advance.



Model: G5
AppleScript: 1.1
Browser: Safari 312.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

You can choose "all" as one of your convert from PDF options in Acrobat pref's then all you need do is if you want to output a range of pages. Delete unwanted pages from PDF then convert & close without saving.


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