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i'm just new to this forum...
i want an urgent help...

see the image below:

In that above file, i want to align each and every symbols to all the boxes. i should align that exactly center in that boxes.
for that i have to sit for a long time to align all symbols.
Plz help me to that in easier way in script. i want a script for this or i want idea to how to do this.
for example, if want that 5 fish symbols in B2, C5, B8, C12 and A14 respectively and if i give these alignment place i want my symbols over there in center of that box.


Hi Rajesh and welcome to this forum...

You do not have any image showing! Care to fix that?

Plz help me to attach image...


--- Quote from: rajesh_024 on July 03, 2008, 12:36:25 AM ---Plz help me to attach image...

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You have to put it on a webserver of sorts and provide its URL here. I am sorry, I do not have enough server space to allow for everyone to upload pictures here.

Rajesh, until you an get your picture uploaded to the web somewhere to link here. I will have a guess at what you are trying to achieve. I have done quite a bit of stuff in illustrator using symbol instances and there are a few tips for using these that will make things a lot easier both in the GUI and from script.

If you want to be able to switch from one symbol instance to another quick and easy with out any repositioning then its all in the set up of the symbols themselves. This is fairly straight forward in that you make the scale of instances as required in the artwork all based in the centre of a box with NO fill & NO stroke this bounding box must contain your largest symbol. Once all your symbols are like this. You can create a template using any symbols for positioning purposes. (I use an empty box symbol instance for this)

Then with the symbols palette open you should be able to click on any placed symbol instance go to palette choose another symbol then click the double arrow (replace symbol) icon at the bottom or from the fly out menu choose replace. Any instances that you have not updated will be left as an empty box having NO effect on your artwork. Unless your artwork contains lots of these this is pretty quick to do in the GUI else script can do this for you.


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