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CS3 details are on Adobe's web site this morning, including pricing.
Upgrade to CS3 Design Premium from CS2 is a whopping 600+VAT(GBP) compared to just $599 (USD).

So nice to see Adobe copying Quark at last :P

The old swap the dollar sign for a pound sign thing was old a long time ago and, until recently, I was pleased to see Adobe had stopped doing it. For a while you could buy stuff in the UK for nearly the correct amount given the exchange rate.

Not any more, it seems. Just like Quark as you say.

Sickens me that we (Europeans since the poor sods who use the Euro get the same raw deal) get shafted like this.

There is, as always, a solution. Don't buy it. But for this to work the vast majority of potential European purchasers would have to veto the product and tell Adobe (or whoever) why. Not going to happen, I think.


Hi Greg
Not going to happen indeed, I managed to put off the purchase of quark7 till last week. I expect to be needing CS3 within a month of launch, such is the spread of files coming to me in pre-press these days in the UK.

Not to mention the pricing for the various flavors of the Creative Suite. Since I am doing more web work now, Fireworks is being used more. For the design bundle, I would have to purchase it separately, or buy the Master suite. That is pretty pricey (about $1,500, IIRC). Will take some serious mulling...

I saw the Master Suite listed at $2400.00 US (or thereabout)

That said they do have multiple package options. I sat through their Webcast today (Adobe's) and I must say that CS3 looks very promising.



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