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Illy, can't make data


Anyone see where this is going wrong:

--- Code: ---
tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
tell document 1

--return properties of every path item
set ruler origin to {0, 0}
set zoom of view 1 to 0.89
set theStump to make new rectangle with properties
{position:{282.9570703125, 232.595703125}, name:"theStump", height:23.5, width:43.0, filled:true, fill color:{class:CMYK color info, cyan:25.0, magenta:42.0, yellow:100.0, black:37.0}, stroked:false, stroke color:{class:no color info}}
end tell
end tell

--- End code ---

Getting error "Can't make some data into the expected type"

Hi there,

Simply remove ", stroke color:{class:no color info}" from your script and it will work.

Also, when confronted to such a situation, break up your properties to help you see which member is causing the problem:

--- Quote ---001     tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
002          tell document 1
003               activate
004               --return properties of every path item
005               set ruler origin to {0, 0}
006               set zoom of view 1 to 0.89
007               set theProps to {}
008               set theProps to theProps & {position:{282.9570703125, 232.595703125}}
009               set theProps to theProps & {name:"theStump"}
010               set theProps to theProps & {height:23.5}
011               set theProps to theProps & {width:43.0}
012               set theProps to theProps & {filled:true}
013               set theProps to theProps & {fill color:{class:CMYK color info, cyan:25.0, magenta:42.0, yellow:100.0, black:37.0}}
014               set theProps to theProps & {stroked:false}
015               set theProps to theProps & {stroke color:{class:no color info}}
016               set theStump to make new rectangle with properties theProps
017          end tell
018     end tell

--- End quote ---
Then, it is just a matter of commenting out lines between lines 008 thru 015 to find out where this is going wrong.

Very nice advice. Thank you.

why is Illustrator hiccuping on stroke color?

It is not "hiccuping on stroke color", it is hiccuping on "no color info". As far as I can tell, an element always has a stroke and a fill color but there are other flags (filled and stroked) that are used to determine if they will show or not so setting a color to "no color info" simply does not seem possible.


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