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Since it will only be a matter of time before I upgrade...

How has it been going running PitStop and Acrobat 8? Any pitfalls or quirks? Had some instances of PitStop/Acrobat 7 crashes, but nothing too terrible...

Did anyone buy Acrobat 8?

The changes were minimal at best, more geared towards office use with forms etc.

I think most people (me) have be waiting for CS3 bundle.

I have Acrobat 8 but only PitStop 6.53 at the moment. I ran the 30 day demo of PitStop7 with Acrobat 7 with no glitches and was really impressed with the new features. Now I've installed Acrobat 8 I'll see today if I can get the PitStop Demo to run again.

Acrobat 8's interface is all icons and chunky pallettes, and I'm still not comfortable with it.

Acrobat 8 is good. It's a big fat bloated pig, but it does work well. PitStop 7.1 is the version you want to be using, not anything less. There are some bug fixes in it. Definitely a significant upgrade and worth the money.

Well I took the plunge (I really really really needed to convert fonts to outline that would consistently scrunch up through our RIP) and upgraded to Pitstop7.1  installed into Acrobat 8 and it worked a treat.
In addition a 60page file that would consistently crash Acrobat during a preflight profile (with the Acrobat 7 Pitstop 6.53 combination) worked absolutely fine too.
The "odd crash" here always seemed to happen on multi page pdfs yet if 'preflight profiled' in chunks of pages rather than the whole document would inevitably work.
Posted on: April 17, 2007, 03:32:29 PMAlmost one month on & No crashes, I use this all the time 8)


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