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xtags is able to moving through page ?



we're evalutating Xtags software in our deploy process on large-sized documents trying to build a field-specified automatic publishing tool.

from xtag's site, we could understand software potential's:
Create and fill unanchored text and picture boxes

Create and fill unanchored boxes at the text insertion point, at an absolute position, at a position relative to another box, or on the pasteboard. Control all properties of the unanchored box, using appropriate tag parameters. These unanchored boxes can span columns and can be moved freely once imported.

Unanchored boxes (including groups of boxes) are supported on output as well.

Now we're trying the demo version of xtags software, and we're able to import text in linked-text-box as we would.

Anyway trying to import unancored picture box in different page than first one it's impossibile for us.
We're not able to place box in second, third, ..., any page.
Even we set y-position very high picture box (same for text box) remain placed on first page.
It seems box uses spread space for placing space onto page.

anyone know to moving through page ?


I suggest you send this enquiry directly to Emsoftware, as they are very helpful! I've got a lot of experience with XData and XCatalog, but not much with XTags, so I can't really help you. I do strongly recommend their products though.

Hi Emanuelle and welcome to the forum,

I have been using xtags for years now and I even took part in having some fo those features you mentioned implemented.

Ever since I started Large Document processing with xtags, it made sense to me to go with a page by page scenario (in short I have no text that spans multiple pages). While this may appear to be tedious at first, I find the end results more than acceptable. (I can expand on that if you want)

I have used those features countless times, but, using my different scenario. As far as I can tell, xtags can "reference" a box on either the current page or current spread. The problem residing in what constitute the "current" item.

I will try to confirm this today if I have time.

After years of XData and XCatalog, I'm beginning to get to grips with XTags, but I must confess y-positions have me flummoxed too.

I'm using someone else's solution that somehow uses the automatic text box to guide itself down the page, but haven't been able to work out quite how the magic happens.

When I try placing a box with relative y values to the previous one, it doesn't work. Must confess I'm now way too busy to experiment - would love a week in a quiet room with nothing else to do but am not likely to get that!

So very glad to hear you're an XTags expert too, Michel, I'll be bothering you for answers soon! (if ony to let Joe from Emsoftware have a break from my endless problems)

I will be happy to assist you in any way I can Emma!


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