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Neo is now available from Enfocus  http://www.enfocus.com/product.php?id=4355

I saw this running back in Jan 2006 when it was an Artwork Systems product, it worked pretty much like InDesign but directly on the pdf. The main problem was it cost about 17500(GBP) at the time. Now its about a tenth of that I think it will appeal to a lot of pre-press departments.

You should see the quick first impressions I posted to the users forum. If you don't have access to the users list then you can find it at:


Hello Matt

have you had time to play with the text editing in Neo?
The demo I saw managed to magically convert all the fragments of text into a workable paragraph.
If you don't have the fonts and are relying on the embedded subset, does that work now? or is at least easy to swop to a version you do have.


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