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Extending index to entire document
« on: March 04, 2010, 07:34:17 AM »
Hi All,

I'm trying to XPress tag a bunch of 750+ words for indexing. My script is almost OK now thanks to valuable info found on this Forum! Thanks to each contributor on the subject!
The only point I can't sort out is how can I tag the words so the index collects every occurrence of them? (Typically, in the Index palette, it'd be like clicking the second button while an entry is selected so automatically every occurrence in the document is tagged). But I can't seem to find what the tag would be to (seems a code 0 extends to the story and a 1 extends to the whole document, but it doesn't work when imported as XPress tags).
Anyone has already script Index through XPress tags? Could anybody help me on that?



EDIT: I must add sth: the main text is already set in 1500+ unlinked text boxes. What I'm currently doing is importing a list of every meaningful words into a text box on the pasteboard (1 word per para). From there I save that text (story 1 of current box) in a temp file; then tagging in Tex-Edit Plus; then resetting story 1 of current box to the temp file. All of the words are correctly tagged. The point is the Index doesn't extend to the whole document… Any idea?
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