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I have seen some (to my opinion) odd colour conversions happening there. From PMS to CMYK causes breakdowns that are quite different from standard breakdowns in publishing applications. ISO euroscale profile or turning colour management off doesn't help.

Can anyone explain or give advise on this: is it odd behaviour due to corrupt perferences (from f.i. an upgrade) or is PitStop using different conversion-tables?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Regards, Chardonnay

Systeminfo: Pitstop 7.x(latest). Acrobat 7. OS X 10.4.9.

http://www.automatetheworkflow.com/cms/  (2pages)

This is a good starting point for general PitStop color management info although it looks quite different in Europe.

As for the cmyk Pantone split, I assumed it would take the cmyk split defined by the color in the pdf, rather than go to some external/internal look up table.

I'm not a big fan of PitStop's color conversions and would (in most cases where the job is to be printed cmyk only) let my RIP handle RGB to CMYK. For high quality jobs; multi-ink; prior to flattening transparency; or if I can't acheive what I want to do using a manual PitStop Global Change (Color tab), I'm lucky enough to be able to fall back on Heidelberg Color Editor. If you need better control, lots of people recommend PDF Color Convert by Callas.

Glenn, thanks, I'll check that. I also prefer inRip colorconversion (yet for images straight in PS: ability of 'hands on' control). Conversion of RGB images in PitStop can cause rather 'flat' looking CMYK images to my opinion.

Today I checked and saw there was an updater for PitStop: 7.1.
Awkwardly, I can't seem to reproduce the behaviour I explained anymore, conversions of PMS colors look okay now.

The color conversions in PitStop Pro 7, (and other new versions) can be tailored by the types of objects. There are two options, convert everything the same or treat images and other separately. The conversion settings I show on my page are for previous versions of PitStop Pro. But essentially they are the same in 7. The only differences are those mentioned above, treating images and other separately.

As soon as I find some time I'll update it to show what to do for PitStop 7. With profiles configured for European standards you can still get a good conversion. To really do it well you should look to callas pdfColorConvert which will use device link profiles, BPC and a few other "tricks".

By the way, thanks for the mention of the site.


--- Quote ---By the way, thanks for the mention of the site.
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No problem, I've browsed a few times, directed from the PitStop forum. Yesterday I noticed you have your own Forum for PitStop, so its really good you can find time for this one too.


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