Author Topic: Opening docs and resaving in Quark8 - help required please...  (Read 1429 times)

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Hi there,

The other day I was working on a script to remove all styling on copy in a Quark doc.
That part of the script works fine and does what I want.

However, when I came to opening a document in Quark 8 I couldn't get that to work?
I was getting the error 'QuarkXpress got an error: Can't make some data into the expected type.'

Here's the code I was using to open and save:-

Code: [Select]
set theFile to choose file with prompt "Select folder to process:"

set docName to last text item of (theFile as text)
tell application "QuarkXPress"

open alias (theFile as text) remap fonts no use doc prefs yes do auto picture import no

delay 2

save front document in alias theFile

close front document
end tell

I tried this on another machine using Quark 7 and it works fine, has something changed with Quark 8 ?
I've also tried restarting the mac, script editor and Quark but still no luck.

Please can someone point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,


EDIT: After some playing around I've managed to get the files to open however Quark seems to ignore the 'Suppress All Warnings' instruction when it comes to remapping the fonts? I've also tried 'remap fonts no' which is ignored???
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